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How One DC Engineering Team Helped Hundreds of Businesses Access the PPP...

Engineers around the globe are utilizing their tech skills to solve new problems brought about by COVID-19. We spoke with a local engineer at Upside Business Travel to get a pulse on how their team has adapted. The Coronavirus pandemic is causing mass disruption for individuals and businesses alike. In the tech world, teams are […] 

A software engineer’s guide to building a technical portfolio

Whether you’re new to tech or a seasoned developer, these technical portfolio tips will help you stand out.  Most software engineers need an online portfolio to establish credibility. Instead of just telling interviewers about your technical skillsets and expertise, a portfolio allows you to show them. Creating a portfolio site can seem daunting and time […] 

Move Fast and Improve Things | Part 1: How to Manage Technical Debt

How to balance technical debt with development to avoid unnecessary optimization and debugging.    Daniel McGrath is the Director of Engineering at Truebill, the DC-based fintech startup  famous for canceling unwanted subscriptions. In this three-part series, we interview him about how they balance technical debt and product development while building a popular consumer tech product […] 

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What is hatchpad?

A community that is focused on providing software engineers in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) metro area with an online platform that includes…

Increase awareness of side projects, get feedback from other engineers, collaborate on open-source projects.
Tech events & volunteer opportunities  
Improve technical skillsets, grow your professional network, and hear how speakers are building products and solving programming challenges.
Hear from local thought leaders about a variety of topics – from technical career advice to choosing a tech stack.
Get an original look into some of DC’s most innovative startups, including their tech stacks, products, technical leadership and more.
Search for startup engineering jobs based on tech stack, remote-work options, salary, and more.

We host multiple tech meetups a month, in the DMV, and found in speaking to engineers that there was no website that highlighted startups and engineers in the area. Our primary focus with this site has been matching DMV engineers with content that they care about and provide them a platform to promote their own projects.

Media Inquiries and Content Submissions

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You can also check our our submissions instructions here.

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We only collect personally identifiable information when it is voluntarily submitted for the purposes of the site. We do not track individual users’ activities on the hatchpad site, use ad retargetting, or sell subscriber emails. We follow industry best practices when we process job applications.



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