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The Pendulum Career: How to Stay Close to Technology as You Move into Ma...

If you’ve stepped into a leadership role, you might have faced the challenge of getting hands-on experience with the technology your team is using. Some leaders focus on managerial responsibilities while others stay as involved with the tech as possible. We talked with Taylor Poindexter, Senior Software Engineer at and founder of Black Code […] 

The Importance of Data Availability, Hygiene, and Accessibility for Mach...

At most companies, there is a stockpile of data waiting to be turned into breakdowns, insights, and forecasts. Machine learning (ML) has made it possible to build models that turn that data into actionable information for your employees. But the data has to first be accessible and clean enough to analyze. We spoke about data […] 

Move Fast and Improve Things | Part 3: Debugging and Technical Debt

Daniel McGrath is the Director of Engineering at Truebill, the DC-based fintech startup famous for canceling unwanted subscriptions. In this three-part series, we interview him about how he balances technical debt and product development while building a popular consumer tech product with a growing user-base. In Part I, we talk about what technical debt is […] 

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