We built hatchpad to be an online community platform where software engineers can find relevant information about local tech events, startups, volunteer opportunities, and more. hatchpad is also an area to share personal projects, connect with other engineers, and see insights from local creators and technical founders.

We’re always looking for contributors and feedback. If you want share a personal project, speak at a meetup, host an event, or feature your startup, be sure to reach out. Email us at newsletter@myhatchpad.com, message us on LinkedIn, and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

Hatchpad is a community that is focused on providing software engineers in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) metro area with an online platform that includes…

Increase awareness of side projects, get feedback from other engineers, collaborate on open-source projects.
Tech events & volunteer opportunities  
Improve technical skillsets, grow your professional network, and hear how speakers are building products and solving programming challenges.
Hear from local thought leaders about a variety of topics – from technical career advice to choosing a tech stack.
Get an original look into some of DC’s most innovative startups, including their tech stacks, products, technical leadership and more.
Search for startup engineering jobs based on tech stack, remote-work options, salary, and more.

We host multiple tech meetups a month, in the DMV, and found in speaking to engineers that there was no website that highlighted startups and engineers in the area. Our primary focus with this site has been matching DMV engineers with content that they care about and provide them a platform to promote their own projects.

hatch I.T.

hatch I.T. is a specialized technology consulting firm connecting software, product, and data engineers with tech startups in the DMV and Raleigh-Durham regions. We offer customized models that transform the way early-stage and high-growth startups scale. Our flagship programs include:

Stride – technical strategy and consulting for early-stage startups

Scale – technical consulting and recruiting services for high-growth startups

hatchpad – a hyperlocal online community platform connecting engineers and startups hatch I.T. connects local engineers, startups, investors, and corporate leaders who share a common vision of strengthening the startup & innovation landscape in the DMV region.

In true startup fashion, our roots can be traced to a garage in Leesburg, VA in 2013. While working with local startups, our Founder & CEO, Tim Winkler, realized that traditional staffing models didn’t align with the growth needs of startups. Working with those firms felt transactional and the costs were way outside a startup’s budget. There was a need for a solution that was relational, community-driven, and flexibly priced. With this in mind, hatch I.T. was formed, along with customized models that transform the way early-stage and high-growth startups scale.

Fast forward 7 years and 11 employees later, hatch has developed a platform that provides a roadmap to guide startups from MVP through all stages of growth. After proving this model with dozens of startups across DC, Maryland, & Virginia, we realized it was needed in all emerging startup markets. With the momentum we saw in the Triangle, it was a no brainer to expand into Raleigh/Durham.

If you’re looking to raise awareness for what you’re building in the local engineering community, or an Engineer looking to engage with the local startup ecosystem, connect with hatch I.T. today – email info@hatchit.io.

Meet the Team

Tim Winkler Chris Mills Aswin John Lauren Alexander
Founder/CEO Data Marketing Strategist Community Engagement Specialist Community Engagement Specialist

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