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Automatic withdrawals are easy to forget. Your hard-earned income leaks away in a hundred different directions, drip by drip, while you’re at home on your couch, not spending a dime. Truebill seals the leaks so when you look at your bank account, you see purchases you wanted, not mystery withdrawals.

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Truebill was founded by veteran entrepreneurs, including Haroon, “a Harvard Law grad turned serial entrepreneur and angel investor.” Previously, he was the CEO and Chief Product Officer at and lead digital product strategy at Vistaprint.  Another Truebill cofounder, Yahya was VP of Business Development at Nanigans and mentors at a startup incubator. Idris, a cofounder of and Truebill, is also an angel investor, and hold several graphical user interfaces patents.

Truebill is backed by top tier investors including YCombinator, Social Capital, and Sherpa Capital. Learn more at


Truebill’s headquarters are in San Francisco, but they’ve opened offices in the DC Metro area, close to the Fillmore and Silver Spring metro station. Their location gives them all the benefits of DC, while helping them avoid DC traffic.

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Daniel McGrath is the Director of Engineering at Truebill, the DC-based fin-tech startup famous for canceling unwanted subscriptions. In this three-part series, we interview him about how they balance technical debt and product development while building a popular consumer tech product with a growing user-base.


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